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    American Football Mod V.5.0

  • 29.12.2011, 00:18

    Это мод Американского футбола. Игра происходит на стадионе, играют две команды. Цель игры, закинуть мяч за линию.


    fm_bots (d:2) - How many football bots are spawned. (max 4)
    fm_models (d:1) - If enabled, players will use NFL player models
    fm_monthlystats (d:1) - If enabled, stats will be reset monthly and last month stats are randomly shown
    fm_downs (d:3) - How many downs a team will get to pass the first down line until the ball is turned over
    fm_helpmsg (d:1) - If enabled this will show help messages on top of each players screen
    fm_kickoffs (d:1) - Enabled kickoffs to start a game and after TDs
    fm_kickminlen (d:35) - Minimum length in yards the ball has to travel on a kickoff
    fm_fieldgoals (d:1) - Enabled field goals
    fm_maxscore (d:49) - The maximum score a team needs to reach until the game ends
    fm_maxspeed (d:290) - The maximum running speed for each player
    fm_burstspeed (d:350) - The maximum running speed of a player with Speed Burst activated
    fm_maxpasses (d:4) - Max passes a team is allowed to throw per down
    fm_cointoss (d:1) - If enabled, a coin toss occurs at the start of each game
    fm_playclock (d:5) - Amount of time (in seconds) the QB and Safety get to start a down
    fm_quarterclock (d:120) - Amount of time (in seconds) each quarter is
    fm_scrimmaxteam (d:5) - If scrim mode is enabled, how many players each team is allowed
    fm_allowpitch (d:1) - Allow player to pitch the football
    fm_fumblerate (d:90) - How often a tackle results in a fumble (0 to disable)
    fm_afktimer (d:40) - Time in seconds before a player is moved to spec if AFK
    fm_allowdive (d:1) - Allow use of player diving
    fm_allowburst (d:1) - Allow use of player Speed Bursts
    fm_allowpushoff (d:1) - Allow player pushing/blocking
    fm_allowstatreset (d:1) - Allow players to reset their stats

    Команды игрока

    say /qb - This will give the invoker the Quarterback Position
    say /help - This will display the help menu
    say /start - This will start a new game if people don't want to wait for it to do itself
    say /switch - This will switch the invoker to the opposite team
    press +USE key (default "e") - If enabled, this will make the player Speed Burst.
    press +RELOAD key (default "r") - If enabled, this will make the player pitch the football.
    press drop key (default "q") - If enabled, this will make the player Dive.
    press radio1 key (default "z") - If enabled, this will make the player start a field goal.
    press radio2 key (default "x") - If enabled, this will bring up the player model menu.

    Команды админа

    amx_setqb - Forces player to be the QB for their current team.
    amx_setdown - Sets the current down for the team with possession of the ball.
    amx_setscore - Sets the score of the given team.
    amx_makeburst - Forces the player to use speed burst if he has a burst or not.
    amx_makekick - Stops current down and forces a team to kickoff to the other team.
    amx_scrim - Toggles tournament mode which will disable all team balancing, fumbles, autostart and no rushing.
    amx_teamlock - Locks teams so players cannot change or switch
    amx_setmodels - Enter team name and it loads the teams model and players
    amx_end - Forces the current game to end.
    amx_shake - Randomly mixes all the teams together. (Admins and bots are untouched)

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